Job Card Features

In any business service is the most important factor. Odyssey has taken this to the next level by integrating your sales and technical staff direct to your helpdesk. One of the biggest problems today in a business that supplies technical and sales service is, how do we ensure the work gets done quickly and how do we keep track of our staff progress customers need to know where and when a support person will be on site. Odyssey now automates the process through various ways.


Automated options let you look at a practical scenario. When a customer phones in for help, you will take down the client’s details and current problem, as soon as she/he captures the whole problem on the system, Odyssey will send the customer a reference number via email or sms message to the assigned technical person and/or the client for tracking purposes will get the notification on a smartphone.


Customer signature

Odyssey incorporated the customer signature onto the mobile applications, when the technical staff resolves the problem the customer can immediately sign on the mobile device touchscreen, this will notify head office that the Job Card was completed and will automatically generate an invoice.

Point of Sale

Odyssey CRM

Tablet Point of Sale


Support Documents


Support documents enable the company to preload documents, manuals, PDF, Pictures etc. for a client. This allows the technical staff to have access to all the files on the server at any time.




To help support staff during the problem solving process we also added a Frequently Asked Questions section this is especially helpful when you support staff needs dome answers when they are on site.


Powerful dashboards

Odyssey’s Job Card dashboards indicates where and when technical problems will be solved and control over how many jobs were outstanding or resolved in time.


Integration with Google maps


Odyssey will look at the clients address and automatically work out the shortest distance to you customer, it will also tell you what the costs from the office to the client will be.


Tracking number

If a Job Card gets created for the client, odyssey will automatically send a tracking number via email or sms tot the client, the client can then go search for the tracking number and see the progress of his jobcard.

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